4, rue des Matelots
June, 2013

Square Art Projects presents 4, rue des Matelots, a pop-up exhibition that brings together the work of Nicola Noemi Coppola, Katherine Di Turi, and Rafael Serrano in the latter´s studio in Arles, France.

Taking the studio address as its title, 4, rue des Matelots is Square's fourth show in its itinerant format, presenting the artwork in the immediate context of the artists’ workspace in a non-traditional way. The exhibition coincides with the Arles’ annual photographic festival, Les Rencontres d'Arles, and in response to this the selected artwork is based around experimentation in photography.

Nicola Noemi Coppola will show the artist's book that he has been working on under the tutelage of Arnaud Claass at the National Photographic School in Arles. Entitled “Chimiographies. Salin de Giraud”, the book is an exploration of the landscape around La Camargue. The result is a dialogue between the elements of the landscape and the printed abstract images which are the consequence of chemical interaction with those elements.

Katherine Di Turi presents a selection of images that take Erna Lendvai-Dircksen´s 1932 book of portraits as their starting point. Chalkstones have been placed on top of the images, obscuring the faces below to create new, enigmatic images that connect human and geological history.

Rafael Serrano often documents events or processes of change in his practice in an attempt to record the territory of his experiences. The pieces included in the show form part of his current research on the residency programme at the National Photographic School in Arles. Using elements from his surroundings, he creates assemblages that are then photographed at different moments of the day and with small variations in the position of the objects.

*This exhibition has been possible thanks to the kind support of Rafael Serrano.

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