Astúries 15
April, 2013

Square Art Projects new show Astúries 15 brings together two artists for a pop-up show that takes place in a private residence in Barcelona.

Blanca Haddad and Michael Swaney show work that reveals similar treatment of the concept of the urban, an exploration into the effect of the urban space upon its inhabitants through identity and ritual.

Haddad´s work is focused on the “I”, the subjects in her paintings both inviting us to identify with them as well as challenging us to judge them in a two-way cathartic dialogue: these individuals express what we are all capable of feeling. Working between painting, performance and poetry, Haddad creates paintings which often include text or written phrases of direct thought from the subjects themselves. For this show, which is presented in her studio, Blanca will present a series of paintings that develops her punk-naïve style through portraiture, considering social genus and confrontation with the other.

Swaney's practice is based around observations of the actions and daily habits of others and the collective “us”, focusing on the absurd rituals that permeate urban existence. In terms of process, whereas Haddad works frenetically, laying down the paint in a frenzied explosion, Swaney builds up layers of collage over a course of days, using found materials such as scraps of coloured paper, pieces of poster, old wallpaper and so on. As with Blanca, Michael also uses text, but its function is more descriptive, like a script for what is occurring in the scene. In this show he is presenting unseen work from his studio.

Astúries 15 is Square´s third show in a non-conventional exhibition space, bringing public and art together in the common ground of a private home to continue our programme of international pop-up shows.

*This show has been possible thanks to the generosity of Blanca Haddad in opening her studio to the public.