Works on Paper
October, 2010

Fernando Zubillaga Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela, and Square Art Projects, present the exhibition Works on Paper, a group show comprising the work of seven young contemporary artists of various nationalities.

During its past activities as a platform for exhibitions, Square Art Projects has created a dialogue within the circuit of emerging art in Barcelona, Spain. Works on Paper marks the next stage in its development as a means of spreading contemporary art: that of working outside of its base and working with other institutions. Such co-operations create opportunities for promoting artistic discussion between spaces, artists and audience of different nationalities.In this instance, drawing, photography and installation of various natures meet in two-dimensionality.

The participating artists are: Katherine Di Turi, Blanca Haddad, Jutta Immenkötter, Daniel Jacoby, Michael Swaney, Piers Veness and Simon Zabell

   Obra sobre papel, October 2010    Obra sobre papel, October 2010    Simón Zabell, Obra sobre papel    Daniel Jacoby, Obra sobre papel    Katherine Di Turi, Obra sobre papel    Simón Zabell, Obra sobre papel    Michael Swaney, Obra sobre papel    Piers Veness, Obra sobre papel    Obra sobre papel, October 2010    Blanca Haddad, Obra sobre papel    Jutta Immenkötter, Obra sobre papel