Katherine Di Turi / Glamorous day-dream
April, 2008

“In Glamorous Day-Dream, Katherine Di Turi dissects the interior of fashion magazines in order to produce –out of cuttings and direct juxtapositions- a series of particular collages, in which the mediatic iconography of models, textiles, luxurious accessories and jewellery unfolds into multiple contexts and meanings. Di Turi does not simply conform to a sole recompilation and alteration of preexisting images, but –in an analogous way as in her previous series Mountain Traces and Finca La Serana- she shifts her work to the area of photography. Thus, by becoming photographic reproductions, the collages of Glamorous Day-Dream operate not only as documentation and simulacrum of ephemerous plastic works, but also as autonomous artistic products. Produced from mediated visual experiences, these new configurations challenge the inherited notions of “authorship” and “original” in the tradition of the post-Duchamp readymade. (…)
(…) According to Maurice Blanchot, the image must necessarily suffer a series of deaths in order to recover its visibility and autonomy. In the conceptual line of visual artists like Joachim Schmidt and John Stezaker, Katherine Di Turi elaborates a practice of recycling and recuperation, with the aim of reactivating a visual nexus entombed by the regulations of representation, as found in fashion iconography.(…)”

Extract from the essay by Natasha Christia

             Katherine Di Turi, 2008    Katherine Di Turi, 2008