Daniel Jacoby / Methods: Failed attempts at being objective
April, 2009

“The work of Daniel Jacoby is characterized by the systematic search for an impossible: the objective, impersonal relation with daily surroundings. His work is based on an obsessive construction of methods - a term which he himself uses to define his actions - that test out other possible classifications of reality. His work dynamic dispenses with the supposed functionality or profitability of objects (a book, a film, a newspaper, a piece of music, etc.) and the subjective interest which we give them, and offers a bare, informative reading of that which surrounds us. ”1

Amongst other recent work in the show is the project 10 consecutive resolutions of the IPIP-NEO SF personality test, in which an individual responds 10 consecutive times to a standard personality test in front of a camcorder. The 10 recorded videos are played simultaneously to asses whether his answers match up. Another piece, shown for the first time, is The Impersonal Artwork. Through a website, 10,800 users voluntarily participated in the creation of an artwork which measures 120 by 90 pixels. The final piece is accompanied by a list of the names of those who participated.

1 David Armengol, 2009.

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